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Offer- Ladies sheepskin coats


        Sheepskin coat, the product from natural sheepskin, did not change its name all through the history of existence. So we have the former sheepskin coat and the modern one. The former, although warm but heavy and hampering the moves. And our contemporary ladies sheepskin coats? Whether the difference is the same as between the first automobile and the current one? Please, judge for Yourselves...


What's the Gołda sheepskin coat like?


our sheepskin coat wraps with its soft, silky hair of delicate wool made of refined leather

our sheepskin coat does not chase the fashion only for show, but in a balanced manner it follows the world trends

our sheepskin coat has a simple form; on a coat-hanger, looks a little modest; worn, gives a figure brightness and harmony

our sheepskin coat is extremely comfortable, because it contains the master knowledge and experience of 40 years of the company existence



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